Monday, September 25, 2006

Team India!!!

After a big loss in DFL cup what is the future if Team India?

Do you think they are prepared for Champions trophy and WC07?

According to you what should the men in blue do to improve their performance?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

7/11 : Mumbai Attack

It was Mumbai this time. Nobody will ever forget 7/11 sequential bomb blasts. I feel terrible for the city.This time they have targeted the heart of the city “The Local Trains”. I will not blame Mumbai police or any political party for the security breach.

But I would surely like to know can we do anything in such cases? Can we (the people) take some action to prevent such incidents? Recently we have faced many such terrorist attracts in India and outside India also, London blasts, the famous 9/11, Akshardham, Gandhinagar blasts, Israel blasts, etc… to give a name of few… I think it’s a high time, we should wakeup now and we should start fighting against terrorism.

But how???? Do you have any suggestions?

Monday, June 05, 2006

Saurav Ganguly…

I think most of you are aware of Saurav Ganguly (India) issue.
Doesn’t he deserve some good treatment? I mean I know in today’s cricket life you need to perform well to keep your position in the team but at the same time can we forget the work he has done for India? Let me tell you he is the best caption India has ever got. What do you think guys?

At the same time let me discuss about master blaster Sachin Tendulkar (India), a great batsman and a very good fielder. But he is also suffering from some injuries and fitness problem these days… if this continues will he face the same music Saurav has faced?

In that case how about the credit for good work for Indian Cricket Team done by them.

I am keeping this discussion open for all you cricket lover.

Monday, May 29, 2006

y it’s Gujarat every time?

Hi All,

I would like to start a new (not exactly a new) discussion here...

Every time you surf the news channel you get (bad) news about Gujarat. Can anyone tell me y it’s Gujarat every time?

Nobody can forget the pictures of riots (both Godhra and Vadodara) thanks to media… And now the media is back with FANNA and AMIR issue.

Yesterday I was watching big fight and special show on CNN IBN n then NDTV

Some of the interesting observations from my side...

1. They were showing (in the Breaking news strip around 45 mins on NDTV) - Amir : Dammed in Gujarat, non stop
2. Both the channels were praising Amir like anything. You are real hero, activist Amir, u r paying tax – diff than bollywood heros, n more blah (Indirectly blaming Gujarat, Gujarat Govt n ppl of Gujarat)
3. The telecasted the show after Mr. Modi has declared that Fanaa will be released in Gujarat with extra security (after meeting with Yash Copra). They simply don’t want the issue to get resolved.
4. They were pin pointing BJP n Gujarat for everything
5. NDTV – Ahmedabad audience was divided into two sections, one for Anti Amir and the other for Pro Amir. The interesting thing here was none of those Anti Amir guys was able to speak in English (they used Hindi – with gujju touch for their point) while Anti Amir guys were speaking in very good English. – The difference of EDAUCATION, I will say.
6. I am not against anybody here but the only point Anti Amir guys had was “Narmada Gujarat ki JEEVADORI hai”. Boss you can’t afford to have only one point in such discussion where you are being watched by such a large audience. If you are right (or at least you feel so) you need to be ready with some facts and figures.
7. Haren Pathak - his interview was pathetic. I mean the style and the point he had….. totally hopeless and not convincible at all (sorry Mr Pathak, I have nothing against you, even I like your party but the fact is the interview was too bad)


· Media is getting its business by making fun of Gujarat or just by dragging the points (Godhra, Vadodra, Amir, whatever….)
· The problem here is, educated gujaraties (like us – including me) are not taking part of such discussion. We are just ignoring the topics.
· N the ppl media is always showing are perfect example of those funny G-U-J-J-U(rem Kal ho na ho, big hole / instead of hall n all…) N this is what the impression they are giving to the world out side Gujarat.
· I remember the controversy of introducing English language in primary education. I bunch of (so called pakka guajarti) ppl was against it. Reason being “Gujarati to gujart ni garima chhe”, “Matrubhasha” – Boss I love and respect gujarati like anything but in this competitive edge we need learn English, otherwise you are gone.
· We need to show that we no more so called “GUJJU”, we have every talent the world is looking for.
· Every time I talk to somebody about Ahmedabad, they are like. “oh ya I know the riots, the earth earthquake right?” Y no body knows good thing about Ahmedabad?
· No body likes riots, whether you are a Hindu or Muslim, everybody has to suffer because of it… It’s high time now… We should do something for Gujarat

Sorry I have mixed everything here.

I wanted to start the discussion on Amirkha-Narmada-FANNA issue.

Your opinion please.